Kristine Hannon 
photography and video - assistant expedition leader / cruise director

Kristine Hannon is a true example of an autodidact and of how it is never too late to find the job of your life. Only a few years ago she discovered the magical world of expedition cruising and the joy of capturing a moment in time and sharing the emotion of that instant as an amateur photographer, zodiac driver and Assistant Expedition Leader.

She was born and raised in Belgium and spend most of her professional life working in the food industry as a shop owner and manager. As her first love was travelling, she spend all her holidays roaming around the globe. With the harvest of pictures, she prepared lectures on her travels to raise money for local projects in the countries she visited.

After a visit to Antarctica in 1998, she was determined to follow her dream and try to get a job on one of the cruise ships sailing South. It took her 10 more year before the dream was accomplished and she returned to the White continent as member of the expedition staff. In 2008-09 she spend 3 months in the ice working as  zodiac driver, log writer and assistent expedition leader. To raise money for the ‘Save the Albatross‘ foundation, she produced a photo CD of every cruise and was able to present the organization with almost 10.000 dollars of benefits.

That was the moment that she understood her snapshots weren’t that bad. Little by little, Kristine developed more technical knowledge, put together photography lectures and got into video editing. 

Now she is an accomplished landscape and wildlife photographer whose work has been published in magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, press literature and on post cards. Her participation in several photography contests resulted in 3 first prices and 14 semi - finals in the prestigeous Wildlife Photogrpaher of the Year contest. Furthermore, her images have been displayed and sold in various exhibitions throughout the UK including Scotland. Kristine has worked extensively as photographer/videographer on Silversea’s expedition ship ‘Silver Explorer’ sailing in the Arctic and Antarctica where she produced a 60 minutes documentary of every voyage. She is also a member of the Fijet (World federation of travel journalists and writers). Her new job as assistent  expedition leader brings her to the Pacific, the Baltic, the Mediteranean and the Black Sea as well as Africa, Asia and South America on Noble Caledonia’s ships Island Sky and Caledonian Sky

She is excited to travel the globe on these two magnificent and cosy little ships and hopes she can welcome you aboard one day!

Kristine is happy to share her world with you and thanks you for your visit. You can browse the website using the top navigation bar and don’t forget to take a look at her old travel website which contains early work,  lots of travel information and travel diaries (English and Dutch).


Welcome to the world seen through a camera